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优顿草癌患救星? 淋巴癌患刘联輝食用奇迹康复 - URGENT - need for 优顿草

优顿草癌患救星? 淋巴癌患刘联輝食用奇迹康复 - URGENT - need for 优顿草

Good News!!!
Recently, I met a man who had Lymphatic Cancer - Stage 4 with 123 lymph nodes affected. His cancer started in March 2008.

Affected parts: 1st: Right lung, 2nd: Left lung, 3rd: Groin, 4th: Eye and 5th Mouth.

After 9 chemo therapies he stopped the treatment on 10/11/2008 because 5 specialists said he can only survive for 3 months. Today, after more than 2 years, he has recovered and is still living. Thanks to the Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus) which he planted outside his house.

He blended the leaves with green apple (minus skin and seeds) and drank them after breakfast everyday.
After 3 days, 6 tumors disappeared.
After 13 days, he went for a blood test.The oncologist said that he was 96% cured.

So far more than 200 people who had taken the herbs showed improvement.

Case 1) Man - age 54
            Lung Cancer
: 3rd stage.
           Chemothrapy 6 times
           Tumor before taking Sabah Snake Grass 29mm, 44mm, 76mm
           Tumor two weeks after taking Sabah Snake Grass
           reduced to 20mm, 27mm, 67mm respectively

Case 2) Woman
            Uterus cancer
tumour size 6cm
            Scheduled for surgery. After taking SSG, reduced to 3.5cm.
            Doctor said no need to operate 
            Continue taking the SSG, the tumour disappeared.

Case 3) Man
            Prostate Cancer
            After taking SSG for 11 days, the tumor disappeared.
Case 4) Woman from KL
             Breast and Lung Cancer
             Both breasts removed - 4 stage. Very weak, cannot eat,
             on drip and lying in hospital.
             Family member poured SSG juice into her mouth through tube.
             After a few days, could eat and was discharged.
            28 days later was all tumors disappeared.

Case 5) Woman from Taiping
            Breast Cancer
           After taking SSG for 3 days, the wound dried up.

Case 6) Leukemia Patients
           So far 4 cases have been cured after drinking SSG juice.
           They also drank juice from 3 leaves of Guo Sai Por
           (Ti Tham Tou) once per week.

Case 7) Dialysis Patients
            After taking SSG for 10 days, stopped going for dialysis

Case 8) Patients with High Cholesterol, High Blood, High Uric Acid
            and Diabetes

            After taking SSG, the conditions improved.

The Plant

Number of leaves used for treatment for Cancer:
Stage 1 : 30 leaves everyday
Stage 2 : 50 leaves everyday
Stage 3 : 100 leaves everyday
Stage 4 : 150
200 leaves everyday
When the patients get better, reduce the number of leaves.

Direction for juicing SSG

a) Pour half cup of clean water in a blender
b) Add 1 or 2 ice cubes to prevent heating during blending
c) Add 1 quarter of lemon or half a lime juice (provide Vitamin C and prevent oxidization )
d) Wash the required fresh SSG leaves and put them into the blender
e) Peel a green apple and remove the core/seeds
f ) Cut the apple into 8 pieces
g) Put in the pieces of apple
h) Blend and drink immediately or within 5 minutes. (consume daily)
I ) If your body is "cooling" add a few slices of ginger or drink warming herbs

I stay in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. If you have problem getting the SSG, email or sms me. I can get them from Seremban. You only need to pay for my transportation from KL to Seremban and back, cost of the plants and postage if necessary. I need your name, address, h/p no. and the patient's condition and type of cancer.

Food to avoid
: Sugar and products made with sugar, honey, kembong fish, ray fish, 7 angled-fish, chicken meat, duck meat, yam, glutenous rice, margarine, durian, bird nest, ginseng and other rejuvenating herbs.

Besides SSG, papaya, apricot seeds, lemon grass and many types of fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices can also be used for treating cancer.

I believe all chronic diseases can be cured with the combination of detoxification, maintaining blood Ph 7.35-7.4, increasing body oxygen, eating natural nutrients and herbs, a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. There are quite a number of patients with cancer and other chronic diseases recovering and got cured based on my coaching above and natural treatments.
So if you are having any chronic diseases and need coaching and alternative treatments, please contact me.
For more information on health, health talk, coaching and natural treatments, please read my postings.

From: Yeap, Michelle
Wednesday, April 06, 2011 2:13 PM
Yeap, Michelle
优顿草癌患救星? 淋巴癌患刘联�食用奇迹康复 - URGENT - need for 优顿草
Hi ,
URGENTpls let me know if yr frd have this kind of herb/plant (优顿草).i urgently need itthanks..
p/s: pls help forward..thanks.
pls let me know the contact number.
My contact: 012-5544052 (Michelle Yeap)


  1. Hi James, this is really a good news. I will share in my Facebook. I searched for the grass. Looks like it only grows in Malaysia and some Asia countries?

  2. Hi James,
    Can this be find in Singapore or anywhere else can buy? As I am having breast cancer and now using Chemo treatment and surgery at July.

    If possible, I really wan this miracle to happen, to cure myself and other cancer patients.



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